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A day with Lauren, Jenny and The Girls

Four little girls meet under an apple tree and form a bond that grows as they share secrets and dreams and blossom into women. This beautiful tale charting the friendship and lives of girls is brought to life by Lauren Ace and Jenny Løvlie in a colourful illustration event using the drawings from their new book, The Girls. Children will love being able to draw alongside Lauren and Jenny to create their own tales of lasting friendship.

Jenny is also happy to decorate windows.

Additional materials required:

Flipchart for drawing, pencils for children

Additional materials supplied:

Activity sheets

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Book being promoted: The Girls

Event type: Reading and live drawing, and talk about friendship.

Audience age: 4-7 years

Audience size: Any size


Dates available: September 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018

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Lauren Ace, illus by Jenny Løvlie

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ON: 12/07/2018


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