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Host a workshop with Alice Broadway

Alice delivers fantastic workshops and assembly style events covering the important themes from her books such as mythology, storytelling, theology and also mental health issues. She is incredibly articulate about the world she has created and writing. She also offers writing workshops and is an excellent addition to author panels, bringing warmth and humor to her events.

Additional materials required:

Alice brings her own materials, she can work with or without powerpoint.

Additional materials supplied:

Alice brings writing packs and crafting materials such as paints etc to her workshops. These are not acquired for larger talks.

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Book being promoted: Ink Book Trilogy

Event type: Workshops and assemblies

Audience age: Teen

Audience size: 20 - 30 for workshops, 100+ for assemblies

Fee: On request

Dates available: April 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018