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Reading, Drawing and OCTOPANTS!

The perfect pants are hard to find for someone shaped like me. Could Octopants be just the job? Why not dive in and see…?

There are all-in-ones for urchins and slipper-socks for eels… but will Octopus ever find a pair of pants to fit? A hilarious rhyming romp, packed with underwater underwear!

Join Suzy and Claire to help Octopus find an outstanding outfit with a reading and drawing activity.

Additional materials required:

Colouring pencils for children

Additional materials supplied:

Activity sheets

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Book being promoted: Octopants

Event type: Reading and drawing activity, either with the author or author and illustrator.

Audience age: 4-7 years

Audience size: Classroom size for workshops


Dates available: August 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018

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Suzy Senior, illus by Claire Powell

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ON: 12/07/2018


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