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Take a fantastical journey with David Greygoose

David Greygoose set up The Windows Project with poet Dave Calder in 1976, running games-based writing workshops in community and educational venues. His book Brunt Boggart was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and is a book like no other: a magical tapestry of fantasy folk tales, woven together to build a world that is as strange yet familiar as a half-remembered dream. With it, David Greygoose aims to make stories that work at a number of levels.

Having commissioned First Take in Liverpool to create a film of atmospheric images to accompany readings of the Brunt Boggart story Crossdogs and The Wolf Pit, with the soundtrack created by Emily Portman and Giles Lewin, and a second film for the story Snuffwidget and the Crowdancers, he is available for live readings from Brunt Boggart accompanied by these films and music.

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Book being promoted: Brunt Boggart

Event type: Reading, film presentation and live music

Audience age: Teen

Audience size: Any


Dates available: September 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018

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ON: 27/09/2018


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