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Catch Beetle mania with a Beetle display pack

‘Jaw-droppingly gorgeous’ – The Bookseller

Beetle mania is spreading, thanks to M.G. Leonard’s bestselling Beetle Boy trilogy. In the books, Darkus learns all about beetles from an old guide his father had used as a child. Now that book is available for readers everywhere to discover beetle facts for themselves! Hilariously narrated by eccentric entomologist “Monty G Leonard”, this lavishly illustrated guide is the perfect starting point for young beetle collectors everywhere. From scary to weird, the 60+ species featured in this book are certain to inspire a lifelong love of Coleoptera.

The pack includes gorgeous postcards perfect for children keen to share their latest discoveries with friends while the posters include fascinating facts about some of the most interesting beetles and the stunning illustrations from The Beetle Collector’s Handbook.


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