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Our Sister, Again


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £7.99 PAGES: 256 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 12/05/2022 ISBN: 9781788953917

Our Sister, Again

Sophie Cameron

Little Tiger Press

On a small island off the Scottish coast, Isla and her family are grieving the loss of her older sister Flora, who died three years ago. Then they’re offered the chance to be part of a top-secret trial, which revives loved ones as fully lifelike AI robots using their digital footprint. Isla has her doubts about Second Chances, but they evaporate the moment the ‘new’ Flora arrives. This girl is not some uncanny close likeness; she is Flora – a perfect replica. But not everyone on their island feels the same. And as the threats to Flora mount, she grows distant and more secretive. Will Isla be able to protect the new Flora and bring the community back together?

Selling Points:

An intriguing, thoughtful and poignant exploration of what makes us ‘us’ that explores grief with a deft and gentle touch. A coming-of-age story with an incidental LGBTQ relationship and a technological twist. Exploring social media, memory and identity, there are lots of discussion points for readers. Perfect for fans of SHOW US WHO YOU ARE, A POCKETFUL OF STARS and TROOFRIEND, as well as fans of the series BLACK MIRROR. Sophie Cameron is an established and well-respected YA author, with connections in the book community. Her YA novels OUT OF THE BLUE and LAST BUS TO EVERLAND have been widely praised. This is her Middle Grade debut.



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