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Terms and Conditions

Placing an order

We love new customers. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with the relevant rep for your area, or our Head Office team will assist you.

Opening an account

Trade customers can access relevant account opening forms here. If you need any assistance with these you can either ask your rep or contact us.


We ask Booksellers to use the Batch Returns system. If this is not possible then you will need to request permission from your rep and your returns will then go back to the relevant distributor and a credit note will be issued. Contact us if you need assistance with this.

Faulty Books

Please either contact your rep, or if that is not possible then contact us and we will arrange for replacements to be sent.


Our distributors ship products all over the world. We can supply most titles to most countries. However, there are some books where the market restrictions mean we are not permitted to sell that title in certain countries (commonly US/Canada and Australia). Please contact our export team for further advice.


Occasionally we do have some stock available so contact us if you would like to discuss.

Incorrect Delivery

Your Bounce rep will be able to help you with this, or you can contact the relevant distributor direct quoting your account number and invoice number to correct this.


The majority of Bounce publishers are distributed through Grantham Book Services (GBS) with the exception of:

  • Priddy Books, Curious Fox, Little Tiger Press and Egmont (Macmillan Distribution Ltd)
  • Scholastic Children’s Books (HarperCollins)
  • Gill and Macmillan (Gill and Macmillan)

Please note that if you do not already have an account with one of these distributors, then you will need to open an account to order books from them – all contact details plus account opening forms for each distributor are provided below and your Bounce Rep will be happy to help you open an account, or we can arrange this for you at Head Office before you place an order.

Grantham Book Services                                                     Macmillan Distribution (Priddy Books, Curious Fox, Little Tiger Press and Egmont)
TEL: 01476 541080                                                                                         TEL: 0845 070 5656
FAX: 01476 541061                                                                                         FAX: 01256 812558
EMAIL:                                                                   EMAIL:
Grantham Book Services                                                                                 Macmillan Distribution
Trent Road                                                                                                          Houndmills
Grantham                                                                                                            Basingstoke
NG31 7XQ                                                                                                           Hampshire RG21 6XS                                                     
GBS Account Opening Form PDF                                                                MDL Account Opening Form PDF
HarperCollins Ltd. (Scholastic Children’s Books)         Gill and Macmillan Distribution
TEL: 0870 787 1722                                                                                        TEL: +353 (1) 500 9500
FAX: 0870 787 1725                                                                                        EMAIL:
HarperCollins Ltd                                                                                             Gill & Macmillan
Westerhill Road                                                                                    Hume Avenue
Bishopbriggs                                                                                        Park West
Glasgow                                                                                               Dublin 12
G64 2QT                                                                                    

HarperCollins Account Opening Form PDF                                               To open an account with Gill and Macmillan, please email your request to
HarperCollins Account Opening Form PDF (for Scholastic titles)