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Follow the Stars! What Happened on Mars?


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £7.99 PAGES: 80 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 07/07/2022 ISBN: 9781913750619

Follow the Stars! What Happened on Mars?

Tish Rabe, illus by Xavi Ramiro


Kid detectives Mimi and Wilbur can solve any mystery with a bit of help! Unscramble word puzzles, navigate letter mazes and crack the codes to discover the mystery.

Our story starts at the International Space Station where Mimi, Wilbur and Astronaut Scott discover some odd news: the Mars rover has stopped working! Mimi and Wilbur take off in a rocket and blast through the stars to find out what happened. On the way, they meet helpful constellations who provide clues in the stars. Can you help Mimi and Wilbur crack the case and rescue the Mars rover? 

Selling Points

  • Britannica's Activity Mysteries combines the fun of an activity book with the narrative arc of a good mystery tale. Readers are encouraged to complete word and vocabulary activities to unlock clues that solve a big mystery.
  • Contains 80 pages of age-appropriate word, spelling, grammar and vocabulary activities.
  • Includes a full-page of themed stickers related to the mystery.
  • Tish Rabe is one of the top authors in children's literature. She has created over 170 books for Dr. Seuss, Disney, Sesame Street, Curious George, Blue's Clues and more.
  • Non-fiction facts about science and nature are sprinkled throughout this word activity book to add an additional cross-curricular element.


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